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Walk about Manila is about the explorations of the city by a very curious girl.


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  1. Sherome says:

    My gf and I were looking for the story of Pushkin and I encounter your blog. I’m Filipino and my gf is Russian I was really surprise that we have momument of Alexander Pushkin in the Philippines.

    1. katie rhoda says:

      Yeah. It’s sad because Pushkin is surrounded by homeless people and their laundry.

      1. Sherome says:

        Sad… But good to know so I won’t even bring her to see that when we visit the philippines.

  2. May says:

    Would you know where to buy authentic or loose leaf tea by the kilo in Binondo? I’ve been wanting to make Hong Kong tea at home. Any leads would be welcome. Thank you!

    1. katie rhoda says:

      Bee Tin Grocery 735 Ongpin St. also Mandarin Supermarket in Mandarin Square 777 Ongpin St.

  3. Kaloy says:

    Hi I wondered into your site in search of the filipino pineapple pie recipe, but I was not able to find it. However, your unique finds were very interesting. I wish that I’ve found your site 4 weeks sooner, because I just came back from the Philippines just last Friday. I did try to find pineapple pie breads in bakeries but they did not taste like they used to. They still looked the same but I did not get a hint of any pineapple taste. I had to settle for a special order pineapple pie.

    Any chance if you know of any store or supermarket that sells curry leaves? I’ve gone to SM Hypermarket, SM Supermarket, Robinson Supermarket and local palenke’s but no luck. Any recommendation are very much appreciated. Thanks.

    1. katie rhoda says:

      Yes. I have been bound to my work and have not been able to update my Walkabout blog. Decent pineapple pie can be found in Baker’s Fair. Check out the one in ChinaTown near the Binondo Church. Just ask around. It is beside the Mercury Drugstore, I think. Otherwise, go to Laguna to the buko pie stores. They don’t always sell pineapple but will make one to order.
      The cheap version is very bad. Just cornstarch, sugar and food color. But since it’s only P3 a piece, who cares?
      Curry leaves – go to the Indian grocery in UN Ave beside the Sikh temple. If they don’t have curry leaves, at least they can tell you where to get it. You can also check out Anmol Indian Grocery in Apacible Street Paco. Go to the Paco market then ask around for the Indian grocery in Apacible. They have cheaper prices than the ones in UN Ave, but not much. Maybe P1-3 less. If you are only going to buy 1 item, it might not be worth it to go to Paco. However, I must say they have a more extensive collection of Indian toiletries. If you like Henna for your hair and stuff like that, go to Anmol

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