Indian Grocery Store Finds

I loooove rose flavored things as proven by this post and this and this. It is very different from the usual flavors favored by the Filipino palate, and because of that it is difficult to find.

After visiting my cousin at the hospital, I decided to walk home along U.N. avenue, and since I was going to pass by the Indian grocery stores, I figured I might as well take a look. I wanted to buy a jar of apple jam, but they only had rose jam.

2017-04-27 09.07.45

I already saw this before, but since I still had an assortment of other fruit flavored jams at home, I didn’t buy it then. (Also, I’m supposed to be on a low carb diet.) Anyway, I wanted jam so I bought this. Sugar and rose petals. What’s not to love?

Also, being the wanna-be vegetarian that I am, I bought a box of soy granules.

2017-04-06 06.26.23.jpg

I had already once bought a bag of this soy textured vegetable protein stuff from Healthy Options (Bob’s Red Mill brand) and I liked it. Hence, when I saw this, I grabbed it immediately. You can use like like ground meat.

2017-04-06 06.26.46.jpg

This is very cheap and a good way to add more protein to a meal. Just add hot water, leave to rehydrate, and use like ground meat. Here I added it to a cup of noodles.

2017-04-06 06.27.26.jpg

Until the next walkabout!


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