Tokyo No. 1 Chicken Ramen

Really? This we have to try.


The place looks interesting. You can sit on the floor and pretend you’re in Japan.

Painful knees? Don’t worry. There’s a hole under the table where your lower legs go.


They give you a menu and an order sheet, both of which are hopelessly misspelled. You can further customize your ramen by choosing to have your noodles cooked soft, normal or hard, and the soup flavor as light, normal or extra flavorful. You can also add extra toppings, add more noodles if extra hungry or subtract if on a diet.


Soy Sause anyone?

Also, their service is not that great as of writing. Waiting time was too long after ordering, and not everything on the menu was available. The wait staff was overwhelmed even if the place wasn’t packed. Hopefully they get better. At least they offer free green tea with free unlimited refills which can be ordered hot or iced.


I was so famished I immediately dug into my bowl of noodles once it arrived, hence this unpretty picture.


As someone who is a noodle addict, certainly not a connoisseur (I mean, I would be happy with instant ramen), I would say their food is good enough. No. 1? Maybe. Like I said, I’m not a gourmet.

20170127_134527 After eating, you can check out the Japanese/Korean grocery stores along Mabini St. for ice cream or other treats. This, in my opinion as a walker, is a good bonus.

Check out Tokyo No. 1 Chicken Ramen in Mabini St. beside Sogo Hotel. Until the next walkabout!


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