New Year’s Eve Stay-cation and Walk-about

I hate New Year’s celebrations because it means smoke, noise, and more smoke and noise. And since I’m not amazed by fireworks, I don’t wait up for it. Every New Year’s eve, I celebrate the coming of the year by sleeping early.

Party pooper? Not really. If other people want to party, let them party; but I will sleep.

But it is impossible to sleep early when everybody is making a lot of ruckus. The solution? Stay-cation.


Looking out at the view and chillin’.

Afterwards, I went to mass at Malate Church, had dinner at Aristocrat and went for a walk to look at the lights and fountains.

Rmedios Circle. They replaced Marcelo del Pilar with a fountain. Hmmm…

But never mind. Let’s have some Korean ice cream. There are lots of Korean-Japanese stores in this area.

Near Malate Church, you can find Penguin Mart which is new, I think, but … what should I say? Don’t go there unless you can spend P300++ on a jar of instant coffee. I mean, it’s expensive because it’s from Japan, but really, does it matter where your instant coffee comes from? Sorry. Cheapo alert, but hey! If that’s your cup of tea …

Still, this mini-mart is still worth checking out for Japanese items you can’t live without.

And I walk back to the hotel, put on earphones and listened to music.


Happy New Year!

Until the next walkabout!


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